LTL shipping is the best solution for everybody who wants to optimize expenses for transportation and logistics. In such a case, either a forwarding agent or a customer benefits. He won’t have to pay for FTL, just for his shot lot: its weight, and the volume of goods.

«LTL» is «Less-than-load» shipping. This term is used for the transportation of relatively small freight that occupies a portion of an entire trailer. These portions are consolidated on a logistics hub into one large consignment and sorted according to the direction of delivery.


Sea freight is a method of transporting large stores of goods via cargo ships. They can be packed in containers or in the hold of a ship, but the first method is more effective and efficient. A full-container ship is able to carry 18 thousand 20ft containers to their destination country. Needless to say that sea freight is a cost-efficient way to deliver large stores of a product.

The «GR8 Logistics» Company Group provides multiple services on sea freight. We’ve been working in the global logistics market for more than 20 years and provide professional services. We guarantee the safety condition of cargo and honoring of treaties.


Air freight operations are a set of transport logistics actions aimed at the delivery of cargo transported by air crafts. It is the practical work of moving goods to a receiver, that is relevant for those who need the fastest shipping method or send cargo almost anywhere. As a rule, it is used for high-value or low-volume shipments because of its expensiveness.

The «GR8 Logistics» Company Group provides the best solutions for air cargo to clients. We cooperate with reliable partnerships and airline representatives around the world, guaranteeing reasonable prices and prompt order execution.


The logistic term «general cargo» is used for materials, of which the quantity is registered per individual item. It is transported in bales, boxes, crates, and drums, in other words — packaged. It takes at least two-thirds of the vehicle and requires preliminary preparation for transportation.

The «GR8 Logistics» Company Group provides multiple services on general cargo transportation. We’ve been working in the international transport logistics market for more than 10 years and provide professional services according to the most current standards. You can ask your questions or find out all the necessary information by calling us: +1 (347) 576-5059.


The act of storing goods that will be sold or distributed later is called «warehousing». A «warehouse» is a building for storing various types of goods. It can be used by importers and exporters, manufacturers, customs, and transport businesses. Warehousing services help them to save on renting or building warehouses.

Renting of building warehouse is rather cost-based because it needs to buy all the necessary equipment and provide conditions for cargo storage. Besides, you’ll have to hire and pay salaries and emoluments to administrators, warehouse loaders, warehousers, pickers, security guards, and packers.

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